Olivia Sets Sail

Although Coralie’s birthday was well over a month away, a small group of us got off the rock for a lovely day sail to Copper Island Beach Club, celebrating her upcoming 4th.  She has been lucky enough to spend all her birthdays with extended family in France, but as her Mama, I wanted her to have a chance for a more child orienated celebration with her BVI friends.   The theme was a mix of homage to the ‘Olivia the Pig’ books, along with a nautical twist.   


For the invite, I sent out a copy of this page from the French version of ‘Olivia Saves the Circus’, which shows Olivia sailing with her Papa.


Some pig ears to go along with a second hand tutu, and new bathing suit.

DSCF5915  DSCF5922

I had these boat shaped woodshop scraps forever, finally finished for parting gifts.

DSCF5923  DSCF5925

Copies of our favorite pages, hanging above the table in the galley



Along the with boats, the guests also got a copy of ‘Coralie’s Bath Time Favorites’, which she can sing in it’s entirety!


DSCF5920DSCF5930  DSCF5932 DSCF5935 DSCF5937    IMG_0104 IMG_0153

Pics of Coralie from birth to present, hung up along the window frame

IMG_0157   IMG_0133


The Nutella Layered cake just barely managed to uphold the tropical summer heat.

photo 1 (1)

But the cake topper itself was burned when the chef enthusiastically lighted the candles with a creme brulee touch, resulting in a great suvenir of the day.

DSCF5949IMG_0114 IMG_0119 IMG_0140 IMG_0165

damsels in distress

When I was a little girl, my mother always made it a point to do something special on the last day of school. This was well before ‘graduation’ from each grade level became the norm. She just wanted to do something small to mark the end of the school year. A new coloring book, along with a box of crayons, and a lunch date is what I remember. Being a teacher herself, she also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the end of term, and a year of hard work. So to celebrate Coralie’s first year in Casa, I invited a classmate to join us for tea at the local English style bakery. Rather than the sweet scenario that I envisioned of them acting out the childhood girls fantasy of a tea party, we instead had two overly tired three year olds on the brink of utter breakdown mode. It quickly became apparent, that maybe in fact this was not such a good idea. Four pots of various steaming teas had to be under complete surveillance on the wonky tables, as the girls ran wild in wait for the food. When the platters did arrive, looks of disappointment arose when open-faced sandwiches of baba ganoush and humus were on offer. Of course, the sweets were received with plenty more appreciation, but it became difficult dividing up the treats in an equal manner, to keep the meltdowns at bay.  I think Coralie may have won that challenge, as she quickly stuffed down the cakes, scones, and brownies like a competitive eater.  Regardless, we certainly got a few smiles in here and there, which I hope what gets sent to the memory bank for future reference.

DSCF5581 DSCF5584 DSCF5585 DSCF5588  DSCF5590  DSCF5594 DSCF5595 DSCF5597DSCF5599   DSCF5592

the bitter end

Yann, the boat trip hero, organised an amazing long weekend away for us and a few friends to the North Sound. The break was just what was needed, as I had all of three days between the last day of school and the first day of summer camp. We sailed over, technically as part of the Yacht club’s regatta, but really didn’t take the racing part too seriously. Regardless, as part of the fleet, we earned dockage space at the Bitter End Yacht Club, which perfectly suited the needs of everyone on board. The girls got a hike in (quite a long one, as we got lost!), the children had beach and pool time, and the men were in close proximity to the pub for football. The perfect end to the year, and the beginning of summer.
DSCF5618 DSCF5735 DSCF5733 DSCF5731 DSCF5723 DSCF5719 DSCF5711 DSCF5703 DSCF5699 DSCF5683 DSCF5674 DSCF5671  DSCF5664 DSCF5663 DSCF5636 DSCF5630 DSCF5626 DSCF5625 DSCF5623

may 1st – july 1st

Woke up today, July 1st, hazy after a long night with a sick, sweet little girl, a bit baffled as to where all the time went! Since Spring break, life has been on overdrive, between the last bit of school term for the year as well as starting my own Montessori Elementary training, and some how managing to try to keep up with the normal chores. Fortunately, Yann is determined to earn pink points for a surf trip getaway to Costa Rica, and therefore has been really helpful around the house. I’m keeping him on his toes, determined to milk the most out of the trip!

And now, here it is, end of school, beginning of summer camp, and just under three weeks till I finally get off this island! My first trip to Italy, then on to France, it’s clearly been well worth staying close to the rock this year.  I am determined to get back into the habit of keeping an online journal, to organise the mass of pictures I know I will be taking in the next couple of months of travelling.  I give him quite a hard time, surf trip aside, but at the end of the day, I am so glad to have ended up with my man, who makes our gypsy dreams a reality.

The parents of this man of mine, finally made the long journey down to us from France.  Coralie was over  the moon to host her doting grandparents, Papoose and Yai Yai in our home for their visit.  It makes me so happy that regardless of the distance, their connection is so strong.

photo 1

The only downside to their trip was the long weekend Yann managed to carve out to get them out on the water, turned out to be the wettest weekend of the year.  We had our sights set on Anegada, but just barely made it around the point to Marina Cay, through sheets of rain and head on winds.  By far, my most adventurous trip at sea yet!

photo 2



We just about kept sane indoors with board games and table forts.  Coralie was actually quite a trooper, and enjoyed the change of sunny scenes.  Must be her Portland roots!  Although she told tonight, while rooting on USA football, that she was not in fact an America, she just happened to be born there.

photo 3



Some how, some way, the clouds parted for a couple of hours on Mother’s Day Sunday.  Coralie had been well-instructed to prepare my breakfast by her teacher at school.  She carried out the directions marvelously.  After enjoying my hot chocolate and toast, Martine and I escaped to the cafe at Cooper Island for an hour of bliss.

photo 4



I have all of Dream Yacht Tortola to thank for my 20hour girls only trip away to Virgin Gorda for Swim the Sound.  Yann organised the boat, with a drop off and pick up skipper, leaving just the three of us to fend for ourselves overnight.  I must have called every hour on the hour, checking on various beeps and creaks of the boat.  During this time, back at base, Coralie was taken care of by the women of his team during a busy charter weekend.




Finally, this July first makes for 10 birthdays of my father, since he died a decade ago.  Almost always spent with his little girl, celebrated by a trip to the circus, which passed through Phoenix the same time every year.  As much as I have moved on past the death of my parents, watching my little girl grow up, I am often in a nostalgic place of thought, remembering, comparing my own childhood to the one before me.  Although the closure of my own relationship with my father may had seemed accomplished, I can’t help but acknowledge  the void that he will never know the two people that now make up my world.  I try to make due by filling in the blanks, certain in my heart of how much he would have accepted Yann into the family, while also keeping his spirit alive with stories of Grandpa Mike for Coralie.   Sometimes this works, and other times, I let the sadness remind me that this is part of what makes me, me.  Today, I smile, picturing him at home watching a sport he may never have thought he would follow, calling me to complain that we live to far away for him to take his granddaughter to the circus, but never very seriously, because my happiness was always more important than his own.  Always in my mind, always in my heart, always his little girl.



spring stay cation and a new dress

















Over the spring holiday, Coralie and I both enjoyed a lovely week off together from the rigours of student/teacher life.   Another school break that was spent on island (although I did manage a personal blissful day away to St. John, ON MY OWN!), which will now make for the longest stretch of time that the two of us have stayed within the Virgin Islands consecutively, not having set foot on a plane since August. Although I sometimes feel the more vacations taken, the quicker island fever can arise, I now realize I personally need at least one small getaway beyond boat trips to make it from one summer holiday to the next. Still, I do rely on the breaks and half term (Century House Montessori goes by the UK system, with a two month summer break, and six plus weeks off during term time) to survive as a working mother. There always seems to be a week ahead on the schedule to get caught up with the house or work stuff, which helps when feeling a bit overwhelmed. Although after listening to a recent Terry Gross interview with Brigid Schulte on the subject of motherhood and life, I am starting to let it go, ‘to do’ list and all.  And so that was pretty much how we spent out break, doing a whole lot of nothing, with a few swim trips, and number of egg hunts and Easter parties to break up the time.  I also finally finished her new dress, made from this tutorial Jackie-O-Dress, and promptly forced her to wear it to every social outing over the week!

crafty ladies

A few weeks back it was my turn to host the lovely members of the ‘Little BVI Craft Group’. It’s been well over four years now that the group was formed, gathering a small number of ‘crafty’ women from around the island together one Sunday afternoon a month for tea, treats (and sometimes wine),  to share our latest handiwork. We spend a few quiet hours together working on various projects, chatting and supporting one another through the creative process. For me, it’s my one indulgence to book a sitter on a Sunday afternoon, as Yann is usual working, and enjoy some mature company at the end of the weekend. Sewing and crafting can often be a slightly isolating hobby, so I am quite thankful for this special group of women, making an effort to share their time with one another.

Necker Island 021 Necker Island 022 Necker Island 002 - Copy Necker Island 004 - Copy Necker Island 007 - Copy Necker Island 009 - Copy Necker Island 010 - Copy Necker Island 011 - Copy Necker Island 012 - Copy Necker Island 013 - Copy Necker Island 015 - Copy Necker Island 017 - Copy Necker Island 018 Necker Island 019

caribbean art festival

Okay, okay, I’ll eat my words about the BVI not offering up any culture to our island experience, although I know I am not the only expat down here that makes that complaint. After attending the Caribbean Art Festival in both Trellis with Coralie and in town as a mini field trip with three elementary children, I was blown away by all that was on display. Jewelery produced with seeds grown by the artists herself, amazing 12 feet long wood sculptures created by a 4-year-old boy and his father, and incredible marbalized textiles, that went well beyond the tie dye you often see, all so inspiring.  And of course it’s quite awesome to expose your daughter to such original work, all while she runs around shoeless!




























camp st john

Last week we joined the Hunt family for on a three-day excursion to the US Virgin Islands last week, as the children we off school for half-term break. I’d had my heart set on camping at Cinnamon Bay Camp ground for some time now, and somehow managed to talk the three other adults into my dream. Although we found ourselves at times looking at the deluxe private villas available for hire on the hillside longingly, nothing could have the topped the campground environment for the children. Amazing kid-friendly white sand beach, check; pots, pans, plastic plates for kitchen-play, check; hermit crabs galore for collecting, check. Couldn’t get that over at Caneel Bay. Now that we know what to expect, the next time will be even better.

DSCF4218 DSCF4062 DSCF4067 DSCF4088 DSCF4108 DSCF4109 DSCF4110 DSCF4112 DSCF4115 DSCF4129 DSCF4156 DSCF4184 DSCF4199 DSCF4200

random pics of sailing trips i forgot to download from my camera

Just a quick photo dump of recent excursions off Tortola. We made it out to Jost for a last hurrah with a group of friends that are all making their way off into the world on new adventures. Coralie and I also got to enjoy a lovely girls day at White Bay with a much missed friend, who recently moved back to the UK. It’s that time of year, where it seems like ages since we have been off the rock properly, and these little boat trips seem to do wonders for mental well-being.


Some day soon she’ll be carrying her own board.



Waiting on the dingy ferry.







Not all related to sailing, but while taking Barney for a walk the morning after an overnight at Soppers, came across a space in progress, soon to be a new Italian restaurant, exciting.





Fisherman at sunrise, in Westend.


Leaving the dock at sunset.





I love these girls!


We’re getting there!


holiday season 2013, check


This first Christmas season as both a full-time teacher and a mom was a whirlwind. At times exhausting, occasionally overwhelming , but surely memorable, as I now get to enjoy the holidays with Coralie both at home and at work.  We chose to stick it out on island over our break, as Yann of course had to work, but I think we both truly needed the time doing as much of nothing as possible after the busy few weeks proceeding the end of term.   First up was the school’s Stop-N-Shop event, which included sewing projects and lots of craft work with the Elementary children to make for sale.


Next was this year’s Century House Montessori School’s Seasonal Presentation, which is always a ton of work and rehearsals, but the outcome is more than worth. Coralie braved the stage with a very sweet duet, that she blatantly stole in rehearsal, that’s my girl!


Finally, we made it to thru the end of term, with time to spare for all our projects at home – tree, cards, gifts, etc.  Oh, and of course letter to Santa.










Christmas day itself was an amazing day spent visiting with friends over on Peter Island, after a morning of present opening and last minute baking.  Peter Island never ceases to amaze, just a short ferry ride away from the hubbub on Tortola, to this…













I have now fully embraced the English tradition of Boxing Day, continuing the Christmas celebration to the 26th.  For me it means after all the chaos leading up to and on the 25th itself, I can safely rely on Boxing Day saved as a day for nothing.  This year was true bliss   – C very happily playing all day with new toys, while I kept myself occupied with a ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ marathon, only surfacing at the end of day to meet up with friends for parktime and fireworks.







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