at the beginning is a good place to start

I still cannot quite believe that this little bean has been in my life for one year already!  Everyday I have learned something new about myself, life, and this sweet little being constantly changing.  To celebrate we came to France, where we were welcomed into open loving arms of Yann’s beautiful family.

And then we did what any French family does for celebration, we ate.

And they we ate some more.

As a tribute to her name, which means ‘daughter of the ocean’, a seafood feast.  I am hoping that this becomes an annual tradition!


About ripepapaya

A little blog, about our little life, on a little island.

3 responses to “at the beginning is a good place to start

  1. Keels

    Yay! You’ve started a blog!!! I’m so excited to read about all of your adventures and daily discoveries here! Love to you!!!!

  2. Liz

    Congratulations on your first post! Great blog. Have added this to my list of crafty blogs to whatch. Thank you for sending this link and enjoy the rest of your time in France! Liz xxx

  3. annemieke clark

    Nice chow! Jealous. Let’s go live in France please. Far more civilized.

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