this hat…

Enjoying the view from Papa's shoulders

This hat may be enough motivation to live in cold weather once again.

I place it on her head, and volia – my little French girl!  A birthday gift from Papa to help comfort the Normandy chill.  We took these pictures on a little evening beach trip the night before taking Yann to Paris for his trip to New Zealand. Seems like ages ago!

  Up on Papa’s shoulders is the best place to be!

This was one Yann’s surf spots growing up.  Beautiful, but a tad bit colder than Tortola.  It has been so amazing to see all Yann’s old haunts!  Such an incredible part of the  world to grow up.  But I often myself wistfully jealous of anyone who grew up with the ocean on their doorstep.  Where ever we end up in this world,  I know if we can at least give our daughter a life near the sea we will have done something right.


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A little blog, about our little life, on a little island.

One response to “this hat…

  1. Keels

    Love that sweet little hat! I want to hear all about your adventures in France! Miss you xoxoxo

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