dutch love and a free woman

This past weekend I was luckily enough to attend the very beautiful wedding of my good friend Marloes to her now husband Emile in Breda, Holland.  I met Marloes a few years back when we were both newbies on Tortola.  From the start Marloes was one of those instantly warm friends that you feel you have known for years.  I am learning that the is commonly the Dutch way, having first enjoyed their open spirit during the World Cup season last year.  As an expat always on the lookout for a new home, I could easily imagine a life in Holland, full of bikes and good beer.

Marloes surprised the wedding party with a proper London double-decker bus to shuttle us around to the various wedding events.  The day began with the official ceremony in city hall, followed by a beautiful church service in another part of town.  Marloes’s father provided the newly wed couple with his perfectly restored Volvo, charmingly decorated.

Living up to all expectations, the day concluded with an amazing reception.  If you know Marloes, chances are at some point you have been invited into her home and graciously entertained.  The dinner and party that followed completely lived up to this tradition.  After witnessing Emile theatrically pop the champagne the party began, which continued well past midnight when the bride and groom were given a sparkling farewell.

With the grandparents ever so happy to have Coralie to themselves for one more day, I continued on to Amsterdam with a couple of more friends from Tortola.  What a city to celebrate my first real trip away from my recently weaned little sweet pea!


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One response to “dutch love and a free woman

  1. Keels

    Jules! What a great vacation to enjoy while Coralie was safe in the arms of loving grandparents! I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time! Miss you three!

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