half-way handmade halloween

According to various pumpkin patch posts on Facebook over the last couple of weeks, it appears to be Fall in the Northern hempisphere.  The only sign down here of seasons changing is the returning of cruise ships in town, which bring onto island the most interesting specimens.  Although there was not a pumpkin in sight throughout the markets, we still had the famous Cedar School Halloween extravaganza to rely on as a sign that is is in fact now Autumn.  This alone was motivation to conjure up a costume for the 14th month old who clearly wouldn’t know the difference.  Last year I was feeling a little more ambitious and managed to make Coralie’s owl costume from scratch.  Albeit, with a great use of fabric glue and iron on decals!

mon petit hibou!

This year instead I embelished a sweet little dress purshased by Yann’s mom when traveling in Provence, France  this summer during one of our many amazing day trips throughout the South. 

Baux De Provence

She’s my little lavender farmer, however the car keys are way more interesting to hold than the basket of felt flowers I made during her nap.  It seems like all the pictures taken of C these days are a bit blurry, because SHE NEVER STOPS MOVING!

So whether the passing of the seasons is marked by fallen leaves or sunburnt tourists, it is a time to embrace letting go and making way for new growth.  In our case, clearing out and preparing for one bustling little babe!


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