hello holiday’s!

 I’m really not quite sure how we ended up here, at the beginning of December.  I suppose this happens every year, getting lost in the holiday season.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to check the date from time to time.  Until then I’ll manage by squeezing out a blunt invite to my closest friends on the rock with the subject line “please help me cure my homesickness”,  a couple of days before Thanksgiving.  Last year in my determination to provide Coralie with a proper first T-day fest, I went all out in my sleep-deprived state.  This year, I knew better, and wrote to the invitees that I would provide the turkey if they brought the sides.  With such amazing gourmet friends, this was definitely the way to go!

Coralie and I started off the holiday by spending the morning with our good friend Coco, who also became head of the decorating committee.  Coco happily helped roll up napkins, make a leaf garland, and create a beautiful “Happy Thanks” sign.  Then it was time to get the turkey in and hope for the best with a little improvising (white wine, fresh squeezed orange juice, and random spices seemed to do the trick), of course made with football on in the background, a very important component!  Friends began to arrive in the late afternoon, and a very enjoyable evening followed.  I often waste so much energy wishing to be else where.  The night truly gave me the opportunity to be present with my Tortolian life, and those people I am so fortunate to have down here!  As the only American in the gang, I hope to keep my spot as Thanksgiving host a tradition for the rest of our time on the rock!



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