pretty-in-pink christmas

 Forgoing the traditional ‘red and green’,   instead adopting hot pink and chartreuse for this years first island Christmas, used here in the handmade wreath. 
 Sadly this Hello Kitty glass ornament picked out by Coralie didn’t make it through the Christmas clean-up. 
 Made these matching stockings from my beloved Ikea fabric stash.  Never did manage to get names on them though, which was a little confusing for stuffing!
 Jo and Lee’s second annual holiday drinks party was sweetly decorated in English country-style.  Many glasses of bubbly and mulled wine were enjoyed throughout the night by some of my favorite people throughout the night.  The perfect evening to start off the Christmas weekend with a bang!

 The smaller one of these party girls made it up to the wild hour of 7pm, before being put to bed in Coco’s sweet wendy house.

We hosted the Osbornes to a relaxed Christmas eve dinner, complete with decorations made by me and Coco of course.

A very relaxing Christmas day enjoying new gifts and a delicious roast prepared by Jo and Lee. 


Christmas for me has commonly been a time of varied emotion.  In trying to get swept up in the ‘spirit of the season’ I would often find myself feeling empty and low, with my heart sadden by all that was missing.  It just means so much to me to be able to embrance this time of joy, with my heat instead full of all that I have. 


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