this little light of mine…


is taking all I’ve got lately! 

As much as I am loving this emerging little being, changing each and every day, in my short lifespan as a parent so far, I have never felt this exhausted and overwhelmed as I have in the last few weeks that the full on toddler moved into my house!  Even as a completely unpredictable newborn, things felt calmer.  I think that’s why a second baby is so apprecited at the early stages, rather than the constant ‘let’s see what’s next’ that I have felt watching Coralie grow.  

I know a lot of what tires me out is trying to do to much, which seems to be the antidote to combating island fever.  But today, I really gave it my best shot!  Was going to stay in with C, work around the house, and do some painting for ‘thank-you’ cards (although, my Christmas card still haven’t made it to the mail yet!).   We made it till about 8am, when for the tenth time Coralie brought me my shoes and hers, while pointing furiously at the door. 

Obviously, it’s in my best interest to get out and about some everyday for her benefit and mine, so of course it’s all about balence.  Too bad, I have always felt more of an ‘all or nothing’ kind of gal.  Something to work on for the new year!


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