barnaby at sea


Almost two months ago this adorable little pup came upon Yann at the marina, and a love match was made.  Of course at first I had my realistic concerns, but it didn’t take long for me to fall as well.  And Coralie, being the biggest dog lover I know, was in heaven.  I named him Barnaby (Barney for short), and we became a family of four.


This past Wednesday Yann took us out on our generous friend Matt’s powerboat Redrum over to Cooper for the day, which became Barney’s first chance to find his sea legs.  Yann packed us all up and prepared a lovely picnic for the boat, while I had the morning to myself, the perfect V-day treat!  Of course the moment we left the dock rain appeared out of nowhere, making us question this little trip of ours.   What should have been an easy 20 minute trip across the channel instead became a wet-sloshy ride, with C, Barney and I all huddled up in the boat’s tiny cabin.  I don’t normally get sea sick, but being in such a small space below deck with a toddler and a young dog bouncing around made me quite woozy! 


Fortunately once we docked, the sun came back out and we had beautiful weather for the rest of the day, the perfect backdrop for doing nothing!  With Yann as busy as he is, I truly cherish these  days together, and look forward to the time when it becomes the norm.






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One response to “barnaby at sea

  1. annemieke clark

    OMG! too cute. I love the bottom pic of coralie and Yann.

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