trekking to the bat cave


Yann’s younger brother Kevin can out for three-week stay at the end of the month, for a little surfing and a little r&r.  I know how hard it is for Yann having his family miles away, and it was great to see him relax into himself around his bro.  Kevin was quite happy to be out in the water most days,  but I get him out for a hike to one of my favorite spots on the island, the bat cave at Brewer’s Bay, which is at th far left point of the pic above. 


It had actually been almost a year since I last did the hike when my good friend Nichole was out visiting.  Apparently it takes guests to get us out and about! 


Last year’s hike, 2011


Kevin was quite the trouper to agree to the one carrying Coralie!  Besides th 23ibs she now weighs, the trail requires good rock balancing skills which I do not have!


The tour guide Kim, who I  consider to be my Tortola guru, with her wealth of 20 years+ knowledge of the island. 


About a third of our way into the 2 hour walk Coralie decided she was over it!  Well, she didn’t really have a choice in the matter, but with a little ‘Obladee-Oblada’ she chilled out a bit.

Getting C out of the Ergo for a cool-down and photo-op.

Kevin, from inside the bat cave, checking out the views on the North Shore.


On top of the cave, looking down.


We celebrated the day with a sea soak, joined by Liz and baby Henry, perfect way to end a lovely day!


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  1. Oh wow! That looks like a gorgeous day!

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