sailing with uncle kay-kay

Some how, some way Yann managed to get a couple of days off at the height of charter season for an overnight boat trip while Kevin was in town.  I was pushing for North Sound, so we could take advantage of the amenities at the Bitter End Yacht Club. While the boys wanted Norman, possibly for it’s proximity to the Willie T.  We settled inbetween at Great Harbour, Peter Island. 


Turns out we made the right desicion to stay close in, with what turned out to be a very rough and windy day. 


After a slightly stressful crossing of the channel, and moving moorings twice due to questionable lines in gail forced winds, our awesome captain takes a nap with his first mate.


We then took the dingy ashore to check out Ocean’s 7 Beach club for a round of Pain Killer’s and Coralie’s tea.  Being the complete beach snob that I have become (funnily enough after growing up in the desert!), I had little tolerence for this rock little bay.  Yann of course teased me about my overly sensitive feet, while our little goat-footed daughter ran all over the place without complaint.  She definitely takes after her papa on that one!


We headed back to the boat abruptly, when the sky turned black and began to pour. 


Although we woke up to clear, sunny skies, as you can see by C’s hair it was a very windy day.  So rather than hang out on the rocky boat we headed back to Tortola for lunch and surf for the boys.  But first Coralie and Barney had to have a quick photo shoot.  Seriously, they are best friends!






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