spring wreath with toddlers

About three months ago Coralie began spending a couple of days a week at a small daycare center near our home. It’s been a wonderful break for the both of us, and I have enjoyed watching her grow into a community outside of the home. Having spent some time myself in a classroom full of toddlers, I know how hard it can be to find the energy for the prep and execution of art projects. I inquired if they would mind if I came in on a regular basis to work with her classmates. Not surprisingly, they were more than happy to fit me into the schedule. Since seasons tend to blur down here, I came up with the idea of making small spring wreaths put of recycled cardboard as a way to mark this time of the year. Although the results were very sweet, this project was much more adult led/prepped than I’d like for art with toddlers. In the future I plan for more sensoral, communal based projects, that do not always have an end result in mind.







Apart from enjoying the chance to create with little people, I also really apprecited the chance to get to know the children in Coralie’s class and observe her in this environment. As a Montessori trained guide, I have always respected the classroom boundaries. One major revelation was in learning that what I thought to be nonsensical babbling of my always chatting babe, was instead the names all of her classmates. It fills my heart with love to know that while living on this tiny island where everyone knows everyone, my sweet little girl has made a world of her own.


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