sunday with C


Coralie and I headed out to her first Easter egg hunt this past weekend, on Brewer’s Bay with the familes from the playgroup we attend each week.  I put some plastic eggs out for her beforehand, so she would have some clue as to what she would be looking for.  We arrived with the beach full of friends, all who brought amazing platters to share for the picnic that followed.  


I loved observing Coralie, taking it all in, slightly confused to see the whole of playgroup gathered outside our normal space.  When the egg hunt began, I tried my best to let her part take as much as she felt like.  But there seems to be this instinctual parent mode that comes out sometimes, forcing C into doing these odd little cultural tradtions we deem necessary for children. 


 After picking up one egg herself, a few others placed there by older children, Coralie sat down to tell me she had had enough.


After the hunt was complete, the next activity was one Coralie knows and loves, eating.  I was so impressed with the amazing spread that came together as a potluck, complete with Mimosa’s for the parents.  It doesn’t seem a Tortola event is complete without a toast or two!  Perhaps the bubbly may have had something to do with my decision to nap along with C on the beach, as everyone left.  The sea was so remarkably calm, and peaceful this weekend. 


While Coralie and I were napping on the North Shore, Yann was hard at work manning the sails on Pipe Dream over in the Channel for Spring Regatta, the three day racing and sailing festival which is a main annual event for us.  Last year Coralie and I managed a day out racing on Veritas, but I could not imagine having a toddler in the same set up!  Instead, we were able to watch from the house, and enjoy the crowds at Nanny Cay. 


  My quite out going little girl, seemed a little baffled by the changes to our everyday hangout. 


And of course the stilt-walking Moko Jumbies were awesome up close.


But the hightlight of the day were hugs and kisses from Papa!




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5 responses to “sunday with C

  1. Estelle

    Adorable! Thanks for sharing!!! I want to come visit, it looks amazing there!

  2. Alex

    Oh so lovely!! We have charmed lives. My business here in Arizona is picking up and I just got done making adobo steak and veggies for dinner. It’s beautifully sunny here around 82 degrees and nice on the patio where I’m having my glass of wine. I love your posts because they remind me of all the little joys in the world. C is getting big since I last saw her and the island looks sublime. We will plan a visit when we can!

  3. julie

    Hi Julie,

    Lee showed my your pictures. I have not written you because I understand you do not have email anymore. Just know I think of you and Coralee so often and send you both tons of love and best wishes.I miss you both.

    With much love,

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