easter 2012

As with Thanksgiving, I find Easter to the be an ‘homesickness’ inducing holiday. Springtime on Tortola is quite unremarkable really, except to say that it has definitely begun to get a lot hotter down here. I really miss the emergence of life that begins this time of year up North, as well as the lengthening of the days. Easter is also the time that the Montgomery family throw their seasonal shindig, complete with an awesome egg hunt in their beautiful backyard. Especially now with everyone’s little ones, it’s hard not to feel like we’re missing out on things.

Alas, instead of pouting (which I just happen to be really good at!) I decided to host our own small version of an Easter party complete with an egg hunt (in the drive way, as we are gardenless, but at least it has a view!).

We started Easter morning with a very small hunt C’s Easter basket. Having recently been to St. Thomas, Coralie made out like a bandit.

Seriously, doesn’t every child deserve Godiva in their basket?  And Mr. Sketch markers!?  Just smelling them made me feel five again!

Then it was time to get ready, so I kicked Yann, Coralie, and Barney out and got to work on Georgina’s yummy recipe for a baked omelet.

I randomly picked up a couple of cartons of what we refer to on island as ‘Prison Eggs’s at Spring Regatta last week.  The eggs that are grown by the inmates down at the East End prison. They are by far the freshest, most tasty eggs available down here. I used a whole dozen for the baked egg omelet I made, and the yolks we so orange and solid, I forgot how rich an egg could be! The veggie omelet was meant to be a lighter dish to compliment my idea for a bagel bar. I basically whipped up cream cheese with various add-ins to duplicate similar bagel shops back home that I miss.  Definitely not Kosher for Passover, but yummy none the less!  My favorite was sun-dried tomato with parmesan, with smoked salmon and capers as a close second.  I also whipped up apricot almond and spinach artichoke.  Along with the generous pouring of Mimosa’s I hope the guests were pleased.


And I suppose it is worth mentioning that amongst party planning chaos I managed to squeak out a little spring/Easter skirt for C.  The only reason I was successful was because I used this  free pattern from Oliver + S 


 So so so simple!  I think it took me about 20 min!  I will definitely be making more.  Coralie lasted about a half an hour, before having an accident, but what are you gonna do!


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One response to “easter 2012

  1. Kelly

    The guests were very pleased! Thank you Julie, Yann and Coralie 🙂

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