dolphins and daddy

Last week Yann took a much-needed day off, and spent it entirely with Coralie.  It may have been a first, certainly not out of lack of desire, but rather out of lack of time.  They headed out in the morning to go to the beach, but not long after leaving I got a call saying change of plans, and instead I should meet the two of them with the camera down at Dolphin Discovery (our local ‘swim with the dolphin-disneyland’, that is pretty much geared toward cruise ship passengers).  To say I was surprised is a serious understatement, as Yann has made many comments of skepticism regarding the captive practice of dolphins just up the road from us.  I too had hoped my first face to face encounter with the majestic creatures would be on an open water sail, where they would swim along our boat for a bit, as I hear happens at sea.  Alas, once Yann gets set on something, especially anything that will make his little girl smile, that’s that really!  But I can’t say that there were any regrets to be had, as it was quite an amazing thing to see.


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2 responses to “dolphins and daddy

  1. Thank you so much for coming by willowday — it’s such a thrill to arrive here and … come up dolphins! The kids were excited with your photos and I am in love with your weather. Although, being an artist in spirit, I live in my head but Stockholm is unseasonably cold and snowy! I want to dive into your photos. Thanks so much for share this beautiful snippets of life – adorable family. And, I love this simple Easter wreath!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! Always welcome when you need a glimpse of the sun. But as it starts to heat up for the summer, I long for your seasons up north! I was so impressed with your lovely work that I found through Apartment Therapy. I will have to get on making the tags and journals for our upcoming trips. Cheers, Julie

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