artful morning with the girls

I hosted two of my favorite girls to a morning of sewing last week to help break up their spring holiday. Both Coco and Saba were four-year old’s in my class at Montessori, when I first moved here three plus years ago. So really I think of them both as old friends. I had them over for a mini sewing lesson while C was away at nursery. It seems funny to have children over while on a break from my own, but there is such a world of difference to spending four hours home with 8 yr-olds, to four hours home with my toddler! And to be able to share my own current passion with them was such a pleasure. Without meaning to, I have pretty much turned our diningroom into an art/sewing studio. I don’t think I realized what a lovely space it has become till I saw how easy it was to have the girls at the table with everything nearby, in a somewhat organized fashion. As with all spaces in a proper home, it’s always evolving!


I still had a couple of Spring wreath materials cut out from C’s school project, so I gave them those while I finished preparing their sewing fabric.


I had recently been given these great Ikea pieces of random black and white house prints from a friend doing a major sort through of her stash, so first I had the girls color in the pieces.  They then practiced sewing buttons on for decoration, before hand stitching them together to make a pillow.


I think we ended up with very proud project finishers!


While they were working on their pillows, I was working on a little felt board for C.  I have been trying to put together some works for her shelf in the studio space, so we can both work side by side.  I took and old cork board, spray painted it white, and spray glued on a couple of pieces of felt to make up the sky and grass.  Then I cut out some clouds, flowers and a sun, a  very simple project really, but it turned very sweet.  I still have a few more ideas for her shelf in here – fabric matching box, bobbin/spindle matching, moving her play dough in her out of the kitchen.  LIke I said always evolving.  But I have to appreciate it for what it is in the moment…






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2 responses to “artful morning with the girls

  1. I love the little house prints! Watch out. This will be all my blog is in a couple years. Art projects from Everett. Ha!

    • I too am looking forward to more art projects with Coralie. At 20 months, I have the best intentions, but all attempts these days turn in tantrums. We’ll get there one day! For now I just steal my friends children to get my fix!

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