puerto rico, yet again

Checking in at the Cape Air ticket counter last Wednesday evening, the agent remarked with a questioning look on her face, “You go to Puerto Rico a lot”. Considering we bought the coupon of ten tickets in the fall, and used up the last set on this trip, well, yes it appears we do. For some reason,  or actually for many reasons,  PR  just never gets old!

It is also the only destination for someone from the BVI that does not require a full days journey (apart from the USVI, I suppose).  We enjoy the relaxed benefits to going back and back to the same place – no map needed! Food (Ben and Jerry’s frozen Greek yogurt!), shopping (Walgreen’s!), the ability to walk in one direction for miles (safely!), it really doesn’t take much to appease us islanders.

And to say it is ‘child-friendly’ does not remotely do justice for the absolute love and appreciation of the child’s spirit that Puerto Ricans encompass. Even the male teenage hipster, walking down the street, will pop out his ear buds and come down to toddler level just to get a giggle. They love smiling children, they love laughing children, they love crying children, they love screaming children, they love children who move things around in shops, throw food on the floor in cafes, throw themselves on the floor when the moment strikes. No condescending looks, no annoyed side glances, no advice! Just a sweet smile that says ‘children are children’, followed by an outstretched hand to help the situation. What a wonderfully understanding society for little people to be brought up in!

And of course Puerto Rico is also an amazingly beautiful country.  Full of a unique history and culture, separate to that of the U.S., yet inter mixed in essence to allow us Americans a sense of belonging, a feeling of being home.


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