rock and roll art


This past week I made it up to Coralie’s school for another small art project.  This one was completely inspired by the amazing art teacher at the last school I worked at in the States, teacher Sandy at the Portland Jewish Academy.  Every week Miss Sandy amazed me with her brilliant ideas for art with our little group of toddlers.  One of my faves was a group project similar to the pics above in which she used a small plastic baby pool, with a large sheet of paper cut to fit, and added in rocks and paint as the children held the sides and shook up the contents.  Such a wonderful mix of movement, sound, and of course an artful result!  I had wanted to do the same with C’s class, but alas never getting my hands on a plastic pool (which you wouldn’t think would be tough to find down here!), I instead worked with what I had.  The tin tub was a little heavy for the children on their own, but it made the best sound when the rocks bounced around.  I really loved how the little ellipses turned out, they all sort of looked like unique planets.  All in all, a successful afternoon.


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