mama retreat

Nail Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI  (photo credit: travelagencentral .com)

re.treat: (of an army) Withdraw from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or after a defeat.

This past weekend five of us girls went off for a wonderful children/husband free mini holiday on Virgin Gorda. We had been planning this trip for ages, after a one too many weekends of busy partners playing golf or watching cricket (or in my case, working his ass off every weekend!), when we decided as a group that we would do what ever necessary for ourselves to get a much needed two plus days ‘off’ as well. We discussed Puerto Rico, or possibly St. John, but ultimately to make the most of our time, we decided on Virgin Gorda.  Oh yea, and the fact that one of us working hard in the real estate world managed to score a free villa for two nights, also played a small part in the decision making.

The weekend was quite what you would expect – spa time, some bubbly, endless chatting, perhaps a bit of gossip, lovely dinner’s out, and even some “Sex in the City” watching to make for the ultimate cliché of a girls get away.  What was missing from my perspective of the trip was guilt.  Guilt that I should be back home with Coralie, quilt that I was being indulgent, guilt that as I stay at home mum I somehow didn’t really deserve such a lavish get away.  Obviously these thoughts did pop into my head, but I made a very conscious decision to let them go.   I find it so easy to get caught up in all that ‘mommy guilt’, which is such a lose/lose situation.   For example, I think there was a brief moment, when I thought to myself because Coralie was coping so beautifully without me, she must not be properly attached to me.  Crazy talk, I know, but those are the type of constant  mixed messages that pass through my mind daily.  And for three days  (and hopefully beyond) I made a concerted effort to take a break from all that nonsense, and reflect instead on the much bigger picture that taking care of myself is taking care of Coralie.

 As a result, getting away for a few days was one of the best things I could have done for my family.  For me, in addition to returning home with a perfect pedicure, I also got a chance to truly miss that little munchkin, who is in the midst of full on toddler-time, which can be just a bit trying at times.  And for the two of them, it was clear they had a wonderful father daughter weekend.  He was clearly more confident and aware of all it takes to keep up with our little monkey, and she was just so happy to have uninterrupted Papa time,  who without a doubt is the fun one.


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  1. Aw, I just got your sweet card with Burger on the front. Haha. Love it! You’re so cute to think of us and send it our way!

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