going solo to stt

Last Friday I took the 7am ferry over to St. Thomas to pick up some fabric and art supplies for my portion of a camp I am helping out with this month.  It’s taken almost the four years that I’ve been down here for St. Thomas to grow on me.   I used to see it as a place to shop for the essentials on the list, without much charm or surprise along the way.  But now after many visits, I have come to realize there is more to be seen beyond first glance, not unlike Tortola really, where for most tourists who only visit Roadtown would be clearly unimpressed.  This most recent trip was actually the first time I have gone on my own, and it was lovely to be on my own schedule, pace, etc.  I started the day at the local fabric shop, even before hitting the cafe, so for once I would not be rushed, and I could take my time looking at everything!  Then it was a quick stop in the children’s boutique Kool Kids, that seems to cater to the Florida Grandma’s coming off the cruise ships, not exactly my style.  I did however find a turquoise tutu unable to resist, just to be able to see some bright blue twirls.  After that, a peaceful lunch at the Barefoot Buddha, which is one of those places simple enough that it’s hard to understand why we don’t have the same.  I eventually made my way to the islands main mall, which is home to the retail main attraction  – Kmart.  I’m not ashamed to admit that quite a bit of mine and Coralie’s wardrobe consists of pieces from the Route 66 line and Selema Gomaz’s  Dream Out Loud  collection, yup, that’s how we roll.  I did manage to just say no to the leather-fringed, cut-off shorts though, I do have my standards.



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2 responses to “going solo to stt

  1. Great photos, Julie! I love the buttons….. of course R&R love the ferry shots! 🙂

  2. Estelle

    I want those shorts! And love the button photo!

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