‘i did that!’

While I was in the middle of fixing lunch the other day, Coralie was heard shouting ‘I did that, I did that!’ at full volume from our little craft nook around the corner. To be honest, it was slightly unclear what she was shouting at first, as most of her speaking these days requires the visual context and some guess-work. But it was clear that attention was deserved. It’s been such a jump in the last few months to real independent exploration of all the various materials placed about the house with her in mind. The blocks especially, have been a real area of interest. I too find myself quite drawn to the bright, tropical collection sitting on the shelf, that I happened upon in a grocery store the morning of her first birthday a day or two after arriving in France last year, way too jet lagged to have searched out the ‘perfect’ present. The look of pride on her face while she continued creating, says it all really. And yes, there’s a lot of naked time these days, just too hot really for her to be bothered!


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A little blog, about our little life, on a little island.

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