meet asharia

Back in early April, Coralie and I stumbled upon this slightly warn, yet sweet little handmade doll at the Human Society rummage sale. I have made going to this sale the first Saturday of the month a total habit, even finding ourselves out the door earlier and earlier, as I have heard some of the regulars make it there by 6:30am. And as any flea market junkie, I don’t want to miss scoping out any of the best finds. In addition to the doll above, this year’s highlights have been a three dollar Radio Flyer tricycle, loads of awesome vintage children’s cloths in great condition, and the most bizarre pop-up/flip-up book about the history of undergarments. Rad, right?

However, I digress, this post is meant to be about Asharia. Coralie named the doll after her best friend from nursery, who I have to say is quite a bit cuter than our own cloth version.

At first, Coralie didn’t really pay much attention to the household’s new acquisition, and Asharia was put away in the closet.  This is where most of C’s belongings reside, until I sense a new interest emerging. As ‘Montessori’ highbrow as that last sentence sounds, I really just can’t take the clutter. But after a number of squabbles at play-group over the one baby and doll stroller available, I thought it was now a good time to rediscover some of our own dolls. Man, you should see these tots go at it for some of the sought after toys. I watch with an embarrassed sense of pride, as Coralie always puts up a top-notch fight.   

So there it is, we are now completely in ‘doll’ phase, and Asharia is the main attraction. I have to say, that there were tears of sweetness in my eyes the first time I walked in on Coralie walking back and forth, with the doll cuddled in her arms while tapping her back and hushing her to sleep. In following Coralie’s cue, I have brought out some of her old baby clothes, Moses basket, mini potty, and size one cloth diapers for play things. I had no idea these things would ever be useful before a second baby. But tonight, after I realized I was spending twice as long on our bedtime routine, with an extra diaper to put on and jammies on top, I think that second baby is here for a bit.


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