summer break and break from blogging

Not sure how it happened, but there you go, and it’s been six weeks since I’ve opened up my WordPress account. I’m actually quite proud of myself, as it means I fully embraced the spirit of the summer, slowing down and letting go. And being my first complete summer season spent entirely in the BVI, there was quite a bit of ‘spirit’ to embrace. I have to say, I think I spent most of the last couple of months a bit on edge. I was pretty sure Coralie and I would take a trip up to the States at some point, and as I kept putting the idea on hold July and August flew by, and there we were wrapped up in the midst of it all rather than escaping as usual. The secret I learned was keeping busy, which just about keeps your mind off the oppressive heat. Not always, of course, but it definitely helps with the whinging.

And busy I was. Not to say that I haven’t been ‘busy’ over the last couple of years educating my little one on the in’s and out’s of life, but for a change I was busy with obligations both inside and outside the house, with a set schedule and all the jazz. Good for me, good for Coralie, good all around.

First off were quite a few sewing projects to wrap up before we did eventually leave the island at the end of August. True to character, I procrastinated a bit on a couple of larger sewing jobs. The result, realizing that I am capable of putting together over 300 feet of bunting in about two weeks time, when under pressure. Well done me.

I also helped out as the art teacher at a wonderful new summer program on Tortola called eCamp, that had a very successful first couple of sessions. I really enjoyed being back into ‘teacher’ mode, and of course loved having a creative outlet which involved children. To me, the camp had a subtle Montessori feeling to it, as the director (extraordinary Ms. Portia Harrigan) made it a camp mission to help instill respect for themselves, each other, and the environment in the day-to-day activities of the campers. The culmination of both the boy’s and girl’s three-week session was for the children to prepare and host a gathering forthe parents. The boys put on a delicious bbq, while the girls had a lovely garden party.  Coralie even graced us with her presence, donning the daily art project, as the girls sweetly asked me to have her along.

Somewhat serendipitously, a wonderful little tutoring assignment fell into my lap as well. After the bios of who was to be helping out at eCamps were sent to the parents at the beginning of the summer, I was contacted by a wonderful Mum who wanted to know more about  my Montessori background, and would I be interested in working with her younger son for the next couple of months. She was new to the Montessori world, but clearly inspired, bringing many wonderful materials along with Kori that she had imported to the island. We had an enriching few weeks together, along with Coralie and our neighbor to give a small sense of community to our lessons. He didn’t even seem to mind only having Coralie’s lightly girly aprons as on option for his work.

And so it goes, the productive side of out little summer.  Hopefully I get around to posting the fun bits as well.


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