a bit more summer recap: sailing times

Somehow, someway, Yann’s normally crazy schedule allowed him more down time this summer to take advantage of one of his job perks – boat usage. We got out in the water more in the last couple of months than in the ten months previous, which worked in our favor, as the summer is the best time for cruising. We started the summer off hosting four of our friends out for a couple of days in the North Sound.  We had a fabulous weekend which included a potluck dinner onboard for 10,  hiking from the Bitter End Yacht Club  to Biras Creek, and of course some bobbing.  Another perk for me was loads of hands on deck to keep watch on the munchkin (as well as Winnie, one of her K9 besties, to keep her entertained). 

After a number of day trips to Cooper Island Beach Club, Yann and I (and of course Coralie and Barney) got away for all three days of festival, the BVI’s emancipation celebration.  We spent the first night alone at a quiet little spot on Norman Island.  After a good day sailing to the other side of Tortola, we made our way to Diamond Cay on Jost Van Dyke, to spend a couple of nights on a quiet mooring.  The four of us hiked out to the bubbly pool for the first time (always exciting to see something new in the BVI!), where Barney took his first swim, paddling out jealously to the three of us in the small lagoon.  Other than a quick dingy ride over to Sandy Spit, it’s hard to recall exactly what we did with the two days in Jost.  Must have been relaxing!

But certainly the best trip by far was the long weekend spent in Anegada just at the end of August with a couple of friends celebrating birthdays and such.  For many reasons, this is by far my favorite spot in the BVI.  Other that spectacular beauty, it is truly the most unspoiled of all the islands.  And in the offseason, it can feel magical, like you really have found the perfect deserted island!


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