the earth goes around the sun, and now coralie is two

birthday bunting
crown from pattern out of Amada Blake Soule’s Handmade Home
a St. Thomas tutu
amazing carrot cake by Georgina!

So even though we were heading into the 10 day countdown before leaving on our five-week trip, and even though I was literally buried alive unfinished sewing projects, and even though there was a tropical storm on the horizon (possible becoming a hurricane), I just had to fit in a little birthday party for my girl. Birthday’s, you see, have recently become something she is very much aware of, going so far as to crash any we come upon on our outings.  I could see that unlike the first year’s birthday which is entirely for the parents (okay, for the mom), by the second year the celebration is very much with the child in mind.
I did not envision anything elaborate, but regardless whenever I squeeze in more than a few on our porch, things feel hectic, and I of course feel stressed. And with a close girlfriend’s more adult styled birthday celebration the evening before, I know none of us were in the mood for a children’s birthday party.  Hopefully the Yann-strength coffee and mango mimosa’s for the brunch time shindig were enough to make everyone happy.
So, my dear Coralie, there you have it, you are officially wrapped around my finger. As much as I was sure I wouldn’t become one of ‘those’ mummy’s, I can’t fight the inevitable. I will now and forever probably do just about anything I can to see those sweet smiles. Here’s to an amazing second year on earth, full of smiles, laughs, and love.


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