shaping up little goldy locks

Can’t quite say why I put it off for so long, but Coralie’s first hair cut was seriously long overdue.  I tried for a couple of appointments with our hair wizard extraordinaire Laura (she comes to your house, and always has the best gossip!), but what was available always tended to be around nap time, and I sensed impending disaster.  Excuses, excuses.  At some point I think I even cited Jewish Orthodox law which requires parents to wait till the child is three.  Yeah, good one huh.  Not really sure why I procrastinated for so long.  I guess there was some sentimental part of me grasping on to the last few moments of babyhood, by her hair of all weird things.  All though we made due over the last year taming with clips and bands, rarely did these acessories last more than a few moments before being yanked out sent to the bits and bobs heaven. 

Cute huh? Well, seconds after that was taken she was back to her old disheveled self, hair in face, barely able to see where she was going, and yet it still took me a couple of more weeks to organize a hair cut. But when we finally did make a trip into Granville Coralie got the works, even a blow out with a barrel brush.


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5 responses to “shaping up little goldy locks

  1. Alex

    Oh my god brilliant!!! Oh I hope I get to see you when we are in the islands and see miss Coralie!! She is so big and grown up now! Please write when you get a moment dear I miss you guys. Lawrence say hello of course and I am procrastinating as usual but do know your missed.

  2. asleeptodream

    I love it! I can completely understand the reasons you held off though. It does feel like a milestone to have it done.

  3. Adorable! I love those wispy haired days! I’m just catching up with your blog and understand how and why you’ve written that you’ve almost forgotten Christmas! It’s like a vacation to see your beautiful blue water and sky photos! A nice interlude for we northerners!

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