another holiday season down

And by ‘holiday season’, I also mean Halloween and Thanksgiving, as it has been so long since I have updated the old blog. Long enough to have given it up, but with the New Year approaching and all, it seems the best time to get back into the habit. If not for me, for C, my little sweet natural narcissist, who loves seeing herself on the big screen!


And so it goes, since getting back on the island in October, life has felt like an overwhelming number of holidays/festivities to prep for, complete, and eventually celebrate.  Halloween brought the annual Cedar party that was only tolerated once Emma and I found the champers pouring at the cake stand. Regardless of the chaos, my little sailor had a blast! We even experienced some trick or treating, and hopefully what will be an annual Halloween shindig at the Hunt’s house. Of course now, whenever we go for a walk around Nanny Cay Coralie thinks candy will be involved.


And then the haze rolled right into Thanksgiving, which was almost missed, as I was convinced it was the last Thursday of the month, only realizing (after being told by a Canadian!) a couple of days beforehand. In true T-day spirit, I would not have been able to pull it off without the amazing help of my wonderful island family. And obviously my monthly Martha, which I carried around like a bible, determined to kick it up a notch. Some how, some way we managed over forty loved ones around our cozy home, who I do hope all enjoyed the festive chaos!

And finally the biggest one of all, Christmas, with a touch of Hanukkah for good measure. We stuck around on the rock this year, which has its ups and downs. Staying in the BVI is easy, cheap, and chill.  But it’s hard not to look at the odd passing plane every now and again with longing.  Still, it’s a great time of year to catch up with those of us that have stuck it out, and with Yann’s first Christmas day off in years, it was well worth the stay-cation. And of course, Coralie would have been over the moon wherever, as she has completely taken to the holiday spirit.


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