camping, bvi style

There has been a few discussions in the past about trying to do a group camping trip, either on the beach around Tortola, or off on one of the unhabited islands surrounding. Apart from the daily down pour, we do have the perfect seasonal temperatures. And the idea of waking up on the sand intentionally (as oppose to the consequence of a wild night) does sound heavenly. But unlike my woodsy friends back in the Northwest, our entire lot of camping gear includes a couple of headlights and an ice box. Someday, we will stock up at Kmart over in St. Thomas on some good old-fashioned Coleman tents and sleeping bags (so unhip, it’s almost cool again!), but until then we rely on Dream Yacht Charter to provide the occasional usage of an available boat off the fleet to get our fill of an outdoor adventure.  A guess a night moored at Cooper Island doesn’t really test our survival skills much, but with six children on board I would say their are many who not suvive such a feet!
















Thanks to Jo, Lee, Coco, baby Olive, Emma, Jim, Sam, Freddy, Kelly, Jacco, Holland, Joe, and of course Captian Yann, with first mate Coralie for starting the New Year off beautifully!


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2 responses to “camping, bvi style

  1. Estelle

    So, camping bvi style is kicking it on a sweet boat? Nice! What the heck kinda of fish was that, it’s teeth were huge AND it’s mouth was open! Happy New Year Julie! Hope to see you AZ in Feb!

  2. Barracuda!!! Kept the children entertained for a bit swimming off the back of the boat. For sure will see you in AZ, would love to pop down in Tucson!

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