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And so it is now official. Our good friend Captain Todd has sold his beloved, and also quite high maintenance classic, wooden sailing yacht, Veritas. Bitter sweet it was, as it had been quite a stressful classic yacht to keep up. However the boat was part of the family down here and had offered many memorable days out sailing. From my early days with Yann for a typical booze cruise well before Coralie, to one of my first racing experiences in the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta when seven months pregnant. Coralie had her first sail out on Veritas when she was just over a month old, and has since had many great days out with the ‘usual suspects’, as Yann refers to our sailing friends. Coralie and I were lucky enough to get out for the last hurrah, which was a lovely sail over to Diamond Cay for lunch and a hike to the bubbly pool, where everyone including Todd’s parents made it out for the trip.  Although we are fortunate enough to have access to some lovely yachts down here through Yann’s job, as well as our friends in the yachting industry, none of them come close to the personality and charm of Veritas.  She will be surely missed.


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