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We got out for a little family walk the other night, which happens rarely around these parts. If Yann can make it home for bath and a bisous I’m over the moon, so early enough to join us on our ‘popsicle’ walk, as it has become known, was a special occasion. It all started when I picked up a popsicle mold last fall at the annual VISAR flea market, thinking it was a silly purchase that would never be used. Such self-doubt sometimes! Instead it has been a go to after the food shop, to fill up with Ceres juice that is a South African import down here, cause that’s what it takes to get fresh juice in paradise. It has now become the standard post supper treat. And, even though both Coralie’s table and the floor below is an utter mess when she finishes, I still insist we take the popsicle outside, saving myself the slightest bit more to clean up. And so the routine has evolved to take a little jaunt before bath etc., which she enjoys and I use as a quick break before the final push of the day known as ‘the bedtime routine’. I have to say it has only been in about the last six months or so, where a walk is really a ‘walk’, rather than a 20 minute exploration of our car park, with maybe a step or two beyond. When Coralie was little, and could be Ergoed about, we would brave Haver’s Hill either up or down the hill, as that is the only choice really in our neighborhood. As a toddler, we would give it a go, often with her falling on the decline, and me carrying on the incline. But now, we walk, at a fairly brisk pace, rarely stopping, mostly singing and of course finishing off the popsicle. We are currently in hill hiking training, as we have friends on both the bottom and top of our hill, and it would be great to visit carless.
Of course, as much as I am enjoying our new freedom of getting beyond the toddling part of toddlerhood, a huge part of me sees the milestone bittersweetly. Oh, my little babe, where did you go?

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