getting back my creative spirit

I’d love to use ‘Spring cleaning’ as my excuse for the most recent furniture switching, but I suppose the truth is really just that internal impulse I seem to get every three months or so which drives me to completely shuffle around all that I can move on my own. After moving Coralie around twice in the last six months, I think everything is just about back to where it was when we moved in, the desk back to our room after about four placements, and Coralie back into her nook after an attempt at creating another space for her in our quiant but much loved home. In response, I now often find her playspace in disaray, as she imitates me by swtiching her kitchen and dollhouse to different corners of the room, doing what she sees. With the most recent mixup came the reorganization of my craft/sewing table back to our bedroom, which has since inspired a reconnection to creating.

Inspriation shelf


iPad covers for birthday gifts – no exact pattern used, just kind of winged it


Fort Kit for one of Coralie’s classmates, something made that I had pinned!



Coralie helped make the birthday card, suggusting we bring Sam balloons


Quick and simple headbands for friend Floriana



After noticing my tea bags going missing, I put this together after seeing this  on Pinterest


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