catching up

It seems the weeks/months have gone again, without a word on this space.  So it goes.   Life tends to get in the way of documenting said life.  That’s a good thing, I imagine.  And looking back, it has been a fairly busy couple of months.  Back to school, for the both of us, cross-island move, and the start of holiday season.  Although we have a simpler life down here on the rock, it doesn’t take much for the days to be filled and the weeks to fly by.

Be still my Montessori heart, Coralie started he first year in the Casa classroom.  Although she did a year in the toddler Crech,  seeing her working away in my old class has been very bitter sweet.   The following classroom pics were taken by her own wonderful teacher, Ms. Roxanne, as I try to give her as much space in her environment as I can do, working just downstairs.  But sometimes I do find myself passing by during lunch time, and grabbing a cuddle here and there.  I am very much appreciative of being a working mom, while still being a part of her day to day.






Coralie also participated in the H. Laverty Stoutt College one mile run series for children.  We made it out for a few of the runs, and Coralie worked her way up a bit in the pack from last place to second to last place, being the youngest by at least a year.


By far the biggest change this fall, we relocated to the other side of the island to our first real ‘house’ as a family.  We are now much closer to Yann’s marina, cutting his commute by about 30 minutes.  And Coralie has even graduated beyond her closest-room, all very exciting!




DSCF3177 (2)

Of course, I can’t help but squeeze in a few pics of C in her Annie costume, somehow put together in the final hours on Halloween Eve.  She’s been singing her heart out to “Tomorrow” for as long as I can remember, and I had to see the dream come alive.





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