crafty ladies

A few weeks back it was my turn to host the lovely members of the ‘Little BVI Craft Group’. It’s been well over four years now that the group was formed, gathering a small number of ‘crafty’ women from around the island together one Sunday afternoon a month for tea, treats (and sometimes wine),  to share our latest handiwork. We spend a few quiet hours together working on various projects, chatting and supporting one another through the creative process. For me, it’s my one indulgence to book a sitter on a Sunday afternoon, as Yann is usual working, and enjoy some mature company at the end of the weekend. Sewing and crafting can often be a slightly isolating hobby, so I am quite thankful for this special group of women, making an effort to share their time with one another.

Necker Island 021 Necker Island 022 Necker Island 002 - Copy Necker Island 004 - Copy Necker Island 007 - Copy Necker Island 009 - Copy Necker Island 010 - Copy Necker Island 011 - Copy Necker Island 012 - Copy Necker Island 013 - Copy Necker Island 015 - Copy Necker Island 017 - Copy Necker Island 018 Necker Island 019


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