spring stay cation and a new dress

















Over the spring holiday, Coralie and I both enjoyed a lovely week off together from the rigours of student/teacher life.   Another school break that was spent on island (although I did manage a personal blissful day away to St. John, ON MY OWN!), which will now make for the longest stretch of time that the two of us have stayed within the Virgin Islands consecutively, not having set foot on a plane since August. Although I sometimes feel the more vacations taken, the quicker island fever can arise, I now realize I personally need at least one small getaway beyond boat trips to make it from one summer holiday to the next. Still, I do rely on the breaks and half term (Century House Montessori goes by the UK system, with a two month summer break, and six plus weeks off during term time) to survive as a working mother. There always seems to be a week ahead on the schedule to get caught up with the house or work stuff, which helps when feeling a bit overwhelmed. Although after listening to a recent Terry Gross interview with Brigid Schulte on the subject of motherhood and life, I am starting to let it go, ‘to do’ list and all.  And so that was pretty much how we spent out break, doing a whole lot of nothing, with a few swim trips, and number of egg hunts and Easter parties to break up the time.  I also finally finished her new dress, made from this tutorial Jackie-O-Dress, and promptly forced her to wear it to every social outing over the week!


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