may 1st – july 1st

Woke up today, July 1st, hazy after a long night with a sick, sweet little girl, a bit baffled as to where all the time went! Since Spring break, life has been on overdrive, between the last bit of school term for the year as well as starting my own Montessori Elementary training, and some how managing to try to keep up with the normal chores. Fortunately, Yann is determined to earn pink points for a surf trip getaway to Costa Rica, and therefore has been really helpful around the house. I’m keeping him on his toes, determined to milk the most out of the trip!

And now, here it is, end of school, beginning of summer camp, and just under three weeks till I finally get off this island! My first trip to Italy, then on to France, it’s clearly been well worth staying close to the rock this year.  I am determined to get back into the habit of keeping an online journal, to organise the mass of pictures I know I will be taking in the next couple of months of travelling.  I give him quite a hard time, surf trip aside, but at the end of the day, I am so glad to have ended up with my man, who makes our gypsy dreams a reality.

The parents of this man of mine, finally made the long journey down to us from France.  Coralie was over  the moon to host her doting grandparents, Papoose and Yai Yai in our home for their visit.  It makes me so happy that regardless of the distance, their connection is so strong.

photo 1

The only downside to their trip was the long weekend Yann managed to carve out to get them out on the water, turned out to be the wettest weekend of the year.  We had our sights set on Anegada, but just barely made it around the point to Marina Cay, through sheets of rain and head on winds.  By far, my most adventurous trip at sea yet!

photo 2



We just about kept sane indoors with board games and table forts.  Coralie was actually quite a trooper, and enjoyed the change of sunny scenes.  Must be her Portland roots!  Although she told tonight, while rooting on USA football, that she was not in fact an America, she just happened to be born there.

photo 3



Some how, some way, the clouds parted for a couple of hours on Mother’s Day Sunday.  Coralie had been well-instructed to prepare my breakfast by her teacher at school.  She carried out the directions marvelously.  After enjoying my hot chocolate and toast, Martine and I escaped to the cafe at Cooper Island for an hour of bliss.

photo 4



I have all of Dream Yacht Tortola to thank for my 20hour girls only trip away to Virgin Gorda for Swim the Sound.  Yann organised the boat, with a drop off and pick up skipper, leaving just the three of us to fend for ourselves overnight.  I must have called every hour on the hour, checking on various beeps and creaks of the boat.  During this time, back at base, Coralie was taken care of by the women of his team during a busy charter weekend.




Finally, this July first makes for 10 birthdays of my father, since he died a decade ago.  Almost always spent with his little girl, celebrated by a trip to the circus, which passed through Phoenix the same time every year.  As much as I have moved on past the death of my parents, watching my little girl grow up, I am often in a nostalgic place of thought, remembering, comparing my own childhood to the one before me.  Although the closure of my own relationship with my father may had seemed accomplished, I can’t help but acknowledge  the void that he will never know the two people that now make up my world.  I try to make due by filling in the blanks, certain in my heart of how much he would have accepted Yann into the family, while also keeping his spirit alive with stories of Grandpa Mike for Coralie.   Sometimes this works, and other times, I let the sadness remind me that this is part of what makes me, me.  Today, I smile, picturing him at home watching a sport he may never have thought he would follow, calling me to complain that we live to far away for him to take his granddaughter to the circus, but never very seriously, because my happiness was always more important than his own.  Always in my mind, always in my heart, always his little girl.




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