the bitter end

Yann, the boat trip hero, organised an amazing long weekend away for us and a few friends to the North Sound. The break was just what was needed, as I had all of three days between the last day of school and the first day of summer camp. We sailed over, technically as part of the Yacht club’s regatta, but really didn’t take the racing part too seriously. Regardless, as part of the fleet, we earned dockage space at the Bitter End Yacht Club, which perfectly suited the needs of everyone on board. The girls got a hike in (quite a long one, as we got lost!), the children had beach and pool time, and the men were in close proximity to the pub for football. The perfect end to the year, and the beginning of summer.
DSCF5618 DSCF5735 DSCF5733 DSCF5731 DSCF5723 DSCF5719 DSCF5711 DSCF5703 DSCF5699 DSCF5683 DSCF5674 DSCF5671  DSCF5664 DSCF5663 DSCF5636 DSCF5630 DSCF5626 DSCF5625 DSCF5623


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