damsels in distress

When I was a little girl, my mother always made it a point to do something special on the last day of school. This was well before ‘graduation’ from each grade level became the norm. She just wanted to do something small to mark the end of the school year. A new coloring book, along with a box of crayons, and a lunch date is what I remember. Being a teacher herself, she also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the end of term, and a year of hard work. So to celebrate Coralie’s first year in Casa, I invited a classmate to join us for tea at the local English style bakery. Rather than the sweet scenario that I envisioned of them acting out the childhood girls fantasy of a tea party, we instead had two overly tired three year olds on the brink of utter breakdown mode. It quickly became apparent, that maybe in fact this was not such a good idea. Four pots of various steaming teas had to be under complete surveillance on the wonky tables, as the girls ran wild in wait for the food. When the platters did arrive, looks of disappointment arose when open-faced sandwiches of baba ganoush and humus were on offer. Of course, the sweets were received with plenty more appreciation, but it became difficult dividing up the treats in an equal manner, to keep the meltdowns at bay.  I think Coralie may have won that challenge, as she quickly stuffed down the cakes, scones, and brownies like a competitive eater.  Regardless, we certainly got a few smiles in here and there, which I hope what gets sent to the memory bank for future reference.

DSCF5581 DSCF5584 DSCF5585 DSCF5588  DSCF5590  DSCF5594 DSCF5595 DSCF5597DSCF5599   DSCF5592


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  1. Carrie

    Very sweet ♡

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