Olivia Sets Sail

Although Coralie’s birthday was well over a month away, a small group of us got off the rock for a lovely day sail to Copper Island Beach Club, celebrating her upcoming 4th.  She has been lucky enough to spend all her birthdays with extended family in France, but as her Mama, I wanted her to have a chance for a more child orienated celebration with her BVI friends.   The theme was a mix of homage to the ‘Olivia the Pig’ books, along with a nautical twist.   


For the invite, I sent out a copy of this page from the French version of ‘Olivia Saves the Circus’, which shows Olivia sailing with her Papa.


Some pig ears to go along with a second hand tutu, and new bathing suit.

DSCF5915  DSCF5922

I had these boat shaped woodshop scraps forever, finally finished for parting gifts.

DSCF5923  DSCF5925

Copies of our favorite pages, hanging above the table in the galley



Along the with boats, the guests also got a copy of ‘Coralie’s Bath Time Favorites’, which she can sing in it’s entirety!


DSCF5920DSCF5930  DSCF5932 DSCF5935 DSCF5937    IMG_0104 IMG_0153

Pics of Coralie from birth to present, hung up along the window frame

IMG_0157   IMG_0133


The Nutella Layered cake just barely managed to uphold the tropical summer heat.

photo 1 (1)

But the cake topper itself was burned when the chef enthusiastically lighted the candles with a creme brulee touch, resulting in a great suvenir of the day.

DSCF5949IMG_0114 IMG_0119 IMG_0140 IMG_0165


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