before it is too late to blog about christmas…

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There was a time when I dreaded the holiday season, the build up, unfulfilling climax that often left me feeling empty and disappointed. A friend of mine in college was shocked by my outlook. How could I be such a grinch, Christmas is the best time of the year. Somehow having a child has changed all of that. Not being a Christian, I approach the holidays as an opportunity to get domestic, cozy, and try to be a bit of a memory making mommy. There is still ample opportunity for let down, if I don’t keep in check some of the aspirational anticipation. Keeping it simple, staying present, that is the goal.  Of course this rule only follows getting through the seasonal calendar in tact.  Holiday market and pageant up at the school, Hanukkah party at home, Coralie’s first time seeing the Nutcracker in addition to her own final ballet performance in the fairy wings, there was a lot to do before doing nothing. Christmas itself did manage up to the hype.  Yann carved out the day somehow, someway, the first since I’ve known him.  A  Christmas morning menu of champagne, croissants, and hot chocolate relaxed Yann enough to watch Love Actually all the way through without comment.  A beach barbeque at Josiahs the only job of the day.  Just enough waves to keep the surfers happy.  Christmas in the sand may not suit everyone, but certainly works for me.


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